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Although most dentists agree that it’s always best for a patient to keep his or her natural teeth, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary. Those procedures involve oral surgery. Although the word “surgery” may be frightening for some people, Dr. Mobley wants to remind her patients that tooth extraction is a common procedure and one that she has provided for many of her Austin, TX patients.

Types of Tooth Extractions

There are a variety of reasons why a tooth may need to be removed, including the following:

  • Trauma (an accident that has resulted in a tooth being damaged beyond repair)
  • Extensive decay that cannot be repaired with a filling or a crown
  • Deterioration of the bone tissue that supports the teeth (most commonly caused by severe gum disease)
  • Infected teeth that cannot be saved by a root canal

When a tooth needs to be removed, there are two types of extraction procedures to choose from:

  • Simple extraction – performed when a tooth is visible above the gum line and Dr. Mobley is able to remove it using forceps.
  • Surgical extraction – when a tooth that is below the gum line needs to be extracted and Dr. Mobley needs to make an incision in gum tissue and/or bone to remove the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars that come in at the back of the mouth, behind a person’s adult molars. Not everybody gets wisdom teeth, but for those who do, they can pose many problems. If the patient doesn’t have enough room in his or her mouth to accommodate these molars, they can crowd other teeth, causing them to shift out of their normal positions. Wisdom teeth can also become “impacted,” meaning that they don’t completely erupt through the gum tissue. In some cases, Dr. Mobley may recommend removal of the wisdom teeth to avoid these and other problems from occurring.

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