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Smile Makeover

Researchers have conducted numerous studies over the past few years showing how important an attractive smile can be. In fact, people with nice smiles often have a higher sense of self-esteem and more self-confidence. Dr. Megan Mobley understands how an attractive smile can improve the quality of your life, which is why she offers smile makeover services to her patients from throughout the Austin, TX area.

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What You Should Know about a Smile Makeover

Just as the name would indicate, a smile makeover consists of a set of procedures designed to give you the most attractive smile possible. Because each patient is different and will need different dental services, every person’s smile makeover plan is different and individually customized for that individual. If you are in relatively good oral health, your makeover might be accomplished with a few simple cosmetic procedures. Some people require some restorative dental procedures along with cosmetic procedures to achieve their best smiles. Meet with Dr. Megan Mobley to find out more about what procedures would be involved in your own smile makeover.

Are You a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Unless you already enjoy excellent oral health and a perfect smile, you are probably a good candidate for a smile makeover. The only thing that’s needed is a strong desire to have the best, most attractive smile possible. Dr. Megan Mobley will begin by performing a routine dental exam in order to identify any dental problems that need to be corrected, then she will meet with you to discuss your goals regarding improving your smile. Finally, Dr. Mobley will set about creating your own customized makeover plan.

Because most smile makeovers consist of several different dental procedures, it usually takes several weeks or even a few months to complete the plan. But most patients report that the results are well worth the time!



This patient is a full mouth rehabilitation case. He came to me in pain with generalized broken teeth, decay and worn teeth from bruxism.

He disliked his smile and didn’t know where to begin.

Due to the above-mentioned conditions, and chief complaints we decided the best treatment option was full mouth crowns and veneers and dental implants to replace missing teeth. Coordinating appointments with multiple specialists we are restoring his teeth to ideal form and function as well as aesthetics.

We are in the process of completing the lower arch.

So far, we love the results.

Creating beautiful
smiles is our passion

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