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Dr. Megan Mobley, DDS | Dentist in Austin, TX

Top Rated Dentist in Austin, TX

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General & Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Megan Mobley DDS

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Megan Mobley, DDS

“I love Dentistry. It is a profession that is always challenging me to be better. It’s exciting to me that with every New Year there is always a new advancement in research or new technology to make my work more efficient and precise. I would consider myself to be a forever student; there will always be something new to learn. I love attending continuing education to further my knowledge in dentistry and overall health so to bring it back to my patients. I strive to be the best oral health provider I can for my patients to deliver the best dentistry possible.”

- Dr. Megan Mobley

My name is Dr. Megan Mobley and I am a native of Lake Jackson, Texas, located just south of Houston along the Gulf Coast. After completing my undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, I attended The Ostrow School of Dentistry at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After graduating with my Doctorate in Dental Surgery, my husband and I decided to move back to Texas and call Austin home.

I have many professional passions and I always strive for perfection, but there are two I put at the top of my long list. I specialize in treating adults with dental anxiety by providing a caring and relaxing experience. One way I achieve this is by treating all my patients as if they are family, with love, kindness and patience. I also offer two different options for treating dental anxiety in the office including nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

The second is creating beautiful cosmetic dentistry by using the techniques I have acquired through years of practice and continuing education. My mission is to provide the best possible dentistry through meticulous attention to the fine details.

Dr. Megan Mobley, DDS | Dentist in Austin, TX

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Welcome to Megan Mobley DDS where we treat every patient like a personal friend. It is not only critical to us to provide the best dental care in Austin but to do it in a very individualized patient-centered experience. We are conveniently located in the hills of Austin Westlake.

We offer whole family dental care services which include, but are not limited to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, treatment for TMD, orthodontic services and some surgical services. We serve all ages and encourage you to let us treat your entire family. Your decision to choose us as your oral health provider is a great compliment.
General & Cosmetic Dentistry | Dentist in Austin

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General & Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Megan Mobley DDS

New Patients Get
Free Teeth Whitening
For Life

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